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Hey and welcome on my Page.
You see I'm a traditional Artist, because I like hard working with my own hands. Its hard but I'm proud of this shit :D.
I find my Inspiration by Friends, Books, Music and Memories. Some of my pics are created by Memories of People who I lost (friendship or something like that)

This Account ist my second account, because my first was full of Sonic and kind of art I won't practise again...never again like one comic. BTW...Comic's I like this kind of design and its my personaly job to learn it perfectly ya know.

Dont need to be popular Stamp by DragoN-FX Anatomy Stamp by Zero-the-Dragoness OCs Stamp by BowChickaBowWow art helps me relax stamp by wol4ica-stock Self taught artist - stamp by Eirene86 Original Characters Stamp by nitchzombie Black And White Stamp by PhysicalMagic Stamp: I draw my OCs sexy by Jeshika-Haruno Favorite Characters Stamp by Stamp221 I Support Copyrights Stamp by jo-shadow Recoloring Is Not Art -Stamp by AdventureIslands I Do Not Care-Stamp by LinZeldorf


Sarcasm Stamp by tailfeather THIS STAMP IS ANGRY by skinnyveestamp Who Cares Stamp by WetWithRain No Drama Stamp 2 by StampsbyJen Stop That Stamp by Blackshadowbutterfly STAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz FRIENDS STAMP by emo-city Stamp - Dog Lover by MauserGirl Stupid stamp by prosaix Note Stamp by SoVeryUnofficial Stamp-Can't live without books by Rittik Stamp: Anti-Racist 01 by emerlyrose I Love Eyes Stamp by Sugargrl14 I love zombies stamp by sayuri-hime-7 F IT - Stamp by Touch-and-Go Green Stamp by LeMarquis Talk Stamp by lupehero38 Stamp - Memory by KanaScott Not Breathing Stamp by miraibaby Support reading stamp by DeviantSith Stamp I love Headphones by Mellx93 Stamp - Porn and rules by foxlee I Love Banana's Stamp by Aimee-Valentine-Art Coffee Drinker Stamp by Aimee-Valentine-Art


Tetris Stamp by cirruswolf POTC Stamp by Krypak 69 Stamp by WolvenFlames DarkneSS stamp by DeviantSith FieldOfStars Stamp by Seiorai Jolteon Stamp by ice-fire Sadist Stamp by black-roses-falling NIPPLE stamp. by kyouyatsu Skillet Stamp by Skillet-Panheads Shit happens stamp by Cavin Idiots everywhere-Stamp by Dinoclaws MARVEL Hulk + Loki Stamp by TwilightProwler MARVEL Thor + Hulk Stamp by TwilightProwler Chris Hemsworth Stamp by TwilightProwler Thrax Stamp by Jakuz-Stampz Thrax Stamp by MissBezz


Germany Stamp by l8 Russia by woolfier
1. You must post these rules.
2. Answer the question as you would be your OC
3. You must tag 10 people and post their icons on your journal.
4. No tagging back the person who tagged you.
6. No junk in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this". You must personally tag 10 people.

OCs I'll use:
♥ Draka
♥ Woody
♥ Sousch
♥ BoZz
♥ Ramsis
♥ Witchgrave
♥ Debrah
♥ IronOreo
♥ Andrée
♥ Scarlet


1. Who are you?

Draka: Draka
Woody: Hey my name is Woody don't you dare to call me Jeremy dude. 
Sousch: Sousch :) and you are?
Ramsis: Ramsis :)
Witchgrave: why are you asking me that?
Debrah: Debrah motherfucker gimme some room
IronOreo: MY Name is IronOreo
Andrée: Hey gurl my name is Andrée you can also call me baby ;)
Scarlet: Scarlet, nice to meet ya...let me see your brain!

2. When is your birthday ?

08 of aug.
Woody: idk you're asking for my normal birthday or my vampire birthday? 
Sousch: you didn't answer my question :( whats your name?
BoZz: Mangouuuuu *smoke*
Ramsis: 29 of january with my siblings 
Witchgrave: uuuuh do I have to answer this maybe she is try to kill me after so much information
Debrah: 01 of september
IronOreo: first of april
Andrée: 22 of december
Scarlet: 07 of august

3. From which Anime are you ? Or are you completly Original ?

Draka: Second
Woody: I wish Anime but sadly complety Original Out
Sousch: Why are you ignoring my question D: (second xD)
BoZz: I think I'm a elephant mascot hihihhi
Ramsis: second :)
Witchgrave: Anime? Whats that a magical curse to cut my head off? NOOOOOOOOOO
Debrah: Osmosis Jones dude
IronOreo: MLPFIM
Andrée: Original ;)
Scarlet: Same here :D

4. Who are your best friends ?

Draka: Sousch, Ruig (Oc made by my sis), Tane (Oc made by my sis) and Marishka
Woody: Veil~♥ (Oc made by my sis)
Sousch: oh thats easy Draka and Veil :) and yours?
Ramsis: Altiwo and Ruig
Witchgrave:....Gin....(Oc made by my sister)
Debrah: Gloomzers (OC made by my sister) and Bastardo 4Arms
IronOreo: I don't neeeeeeed any friends pfff
Andrée: Dante (Oc made by my sis) 
Scarlet: Seth (Oc made by my sis)

5. Do you have a pet ?

Draka: my lil freak demon Bastard
Woody: no but I want a cat to make some nice photos I mean they are so cuuuute
Sousch: damn thats stupid just answer my questions :) it isn't hard
BoZz: ants
Ramsis: yes :) my mums demon
Witchgrave: why? to kill them after you're cursed me with your anime shit?
Debrah: no
IronOreo: just an androif dog
Andrée: sadly no
Scarlet: no but i haven't much time for a pet

6. What is your favourite colour ? 

Draka: Smaragd-green
Woody: yellow and orange
Sousch: *sigh* blue
Ramsis: silver :D
Witchgrave: red 
Debrah: green
IronOreo: grey
Andrée: blue and silbver
Scarlet: bloodred 

7. Do you have a crush on someone ?

Draka: no
Woody: yes~♥
Sousch: I don't need a crush I got my husband 
BoZz: crash? where?
Ramsis: yes but its a secret ;)
Witchgrave: ...
Debrah: yes and she is MINE
IronOreo: no just a waste of time
Andrée: oh fuck yeahr 
Scarlet: ummm no I don't think so

8. Are you a person who likes romance ?

Draka: I don't know I didn't met the right person for being romantic
Woody: you can call me Mr. Romance 
Sousch: yeah :) and I think you're not right?
BoZz: yesh *smoke a joint*
Ramsis: just for one person ;)
Witchgrave: ...mmmmmmmmmmmmm stop
Debrah: fuck hard is enough romance
IronOreo: no
Andrée: not really sadly but I try
Scarlet: Do I like romace *think think*

9. What would you do if you would be a Marry Sue ?

Draka: that's the stupid question ever
Woody: fuck everyone and they will enjoy it
Sousch: *away because she felt alone*
BoZz: being a HIGH monster 
Ramsis: marry what?
Debrah: eat germs and viruses too
IronOreo: There is no if I AM a marry sue
Andrée: fuck the police I think I mean man...
Scarlet: being sexy :)

10. Last but not least, What is your dream or you with for the future ?

Draka: To find a place where are no walls
Woody: find my true one
Sousch: *zirp zirp zirp*
BoZz: I just want that my boys can be happy forever
Ramsis: I don't know right know
Witchgrave: that it stoooooooops
Debrah: stay with gloomzers she is a bitch but she is my bitch
IronOreo: to have some room for me
Andrée: more tattoos and more of my gurl ;)
Scarlet: to know if I have a crush and be a romantic type D:

I don't tag if you want to do...DO IT
and sry for my english I'm fucking lazy now xD


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I'll draw:

:bulletgreen: Comicstyled
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:bulletgreen: Monster
:bulletgreen: Fantasy
:bulletgreen: Furry
:bulletgreen: FanArt
:bulletgreen: Romantic/ Fight


I won't draw:

:bulletred: Chibi
:bulletred: kawaii stuff
:bulletred: copy Art
:bulletred: too much of Digital stuff I am a Traditional Artist


Note me and we'll handle it

Note me stamp by Joyfool I Support Copyrights Stamp by jo-shadow

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